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The School of The Livingness brings back the ancient home truths, those inner feelings and ponderings that lay dormant but are alive and aspiring to be lived. Some may say that the School of The Livingness is the missing part we didn’t have going through school; the parts that make up the whole of what we call 'life'. From the teachings of Serge Benhayon via the illustrations of Hemma Kearney there is a livingness that is communicated - a way of being free from how we normally are expected to 'exist' in the world but not free of the inner essence and wisdom we all equally hold. 

The site is designed to give these simple truths an accessibility that is rich in simple communication via the innovation and depth of talent that is Hemma Kearney. Cartooning has long been the medium through which Serge Benhayon has expressed and is one of the key methods of education in our current and coming times. Enter the vision and ingenuity that is Hemma Kearney and the two have produced a living faculty as on offering for those who are pursuing answers to their own insights.


May you enjoy the light, love and cartooning. 


There are new cartoons, videos and animations going up week by week so make sure you follow our living footprints on Facebook too!

So, who? Read on...

Serge Benhayon

"Be wise and let the fire unfold. Choose self-love and live that love. Remain focused, and make love the foundation of that focus – Time will then constellate in your favour."

The author of eleven books, presenter, practitioner, founder of Universal Medicine, husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend of many more. Serge brings through the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom and delivers it to hundreds of people worldwide. 

Serge has moved mountains to say the least when it comes to inspiring real life transformations in the thousands that have sought his teachings but what stands out most is his humbleness and absolute service to humanity. Some would describe him as a very moving family man, which is apt, however, not just in its traditional meaning. Serge holds everyone he meets as family and that is truly felt by all more than any of the astounding accolades that he is renowned for.

The School of The Livingness was a project that Serge felt would bring an extra element of life and accessibility to the words he has been teaching since 1999. And so, as mentioned, hand-in-hand with Hemma Kearney the drawings, videos and the site were born! Read more about Serge Benhayon.

Hemma's background is in film, having studied at Bond University and prior to that it was a hobby during school. She now runs her own production company called Show + Tell Productions (there is a theme!) now for eight years and boasts a big array of leading clientele both locally, Australia wide, and Internationally.

Hemma also teaches, presents and is comprehensively involved in varying local and industry committees - always looking at ways to support people to make true change in the world. Along with this she illustrates! With a strong film backbone and a dedication to arise The Livingness that is in us all the animations were brought to life as seen throughout the site.


Both Hemma and Serge share the same equal purpose in offering the world all that truly makes it. On this note this duo went on to generate The School of The Livingness together.

Along with her clients Hemma also illustrates and films for All Rise Say No To Cyber Abuse


For more of Hemma’s wide-ranging illustration and video work visit her website or access her via her Facebook page!

Hemma Kearney
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